GARAGE Accessories

Our modular, wall-mounted organization systems maximize space and minimize clutter.

We offer many vertical storage solutions, including Gridwall made from commercial-grade, powder-coated steel and Slatwall made from durable PVC panels. Our Gridwall is mounted in 2’ x 2’ sections and can cover as much space as you need. Slatwall is a beautiful upgrade for any home and offers an attractive look while maintaining maximum function. The PVC material is water-resistant and will not chip, flake or warp. The clean lines of Slatwall also make it perfect for edging around windows and doors. Use it behind your workbench or cover an entire wall with it for maximum impact.

Once a base is installed, add your choice of interchangeable accessories for full customization. Accessories simply snap into place without tools and can be easily rearranged as your storage needs change. Accessories include hooks, shelves, wire baskets, tool holders, sport racks, recycling bins and more. Versatile and expandable, these exceptional garage organizers offer space saving solutions to meet all of your needs with style and functionality.

PVC Slatwall
Steel Gridwall


Sport Racks

Tool Bars & Racks