Common questions we are asked

The cost of a custom closet varies depending on a number of factors including the material the closet is made of and amount of material required for the closet. The amount of material is determined by the following:

  • Size of closet;
  • Depth of shelves;
  • Number of components;
  • Accessories included in the closet such as doors, drawers and jewelery inserts, etc.
Yes, we can help you de-clutter your closet or any other area of your home. Janet Young, owner, is a Trained Professional Organizer and member of the Professional Organizers in Canada and provides this service to help individuals and/or couples take control of their stuff in their homes. Please phone 250-590-6328 to speak to Janet to discuss options available to help you de-clutter your closet or any other part of your home or business.

Yes, you can buy parts or a closet from us.  However, we will not warranty the closet or the parts if you install yourself,  since we have no control over the following:

  • Accuracy of your measurements
  • How you handle the parts
  • How you install the parts

Yes, we give no cost estimates for closets if you wish us to install. We come to your home to measure, design and give you an estimate for your custom closets, storage, or garage using 3D design software. If you wish to install the European Modular Organization system yourself give us a call to discuss how Janet can give you an estimate of the needed parts.

The time required to have a closet installed is dependent upon which product it is and the availability of the parts. Normal installation times are as follows:
  • Adjustable European Modular closet – within a week
  • Melamine closet – 4 to 6 weeks
  • Locally made wood Closet – 6 to 8 weeks
We accept Visa, Master Card, cash, or interact for custom orders.
We have been serving Greater Victoria since 1997 in organizing services and closets. We are a BBB Accredited Business since 2008.