European Modular Organization Systems

We offer full service from design to installation. But DIY enthusiast can buy the components and install this product line themselves. Bring us your measurements, and we can show you how to maximize your storage in your space to fit your needs and style. We can then figure out all the pieces you will need and send you on your way. Or we can install it, for you if you wish.

For over 50 years the Bohnacker Systeme Gmbh in Germany has delivered and manufactured superior products to meet the storage and organizational demands in the retail fixtures and commercial environment. The Element-System line of products was introduced to apply the knowledge and engineering of the shop system to a consumer environment. The line offers a great range of unique products and accessories and includes the benefit of interchangeability with other manufacturers products.

Element-systems is designed and engineered in Europe and will install perfectly in homes and offices built to Canadian construction standards. Its manufactured products are guaranteed for 10 years. The Bohnacker Systems Gmbh is an environmentally responsible company that ensures it minimizes the affect on the environment through the minimizing power consumption, power reclamation, recycling, and water protection.

For those that like to do things themselves we can provide you with the Element System components so that you can install you own storage solutions.